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Coordinating with professional colleagues, sudden financial gains, and a pleasant family ethic are the salient themes that planetary alignment brings to us. Read your weekly predictions, based on your rising sign, to learn about the possibilities and precautions in detail.


People with the rising sign of Aries will face problems on the inner level. The week will remain uneventful on the work front. Make sure that no differences of opinion arise between you and your senior officers. A conflict may ensue between you and your father, and you also need to take care of his health. The midweek will bring some financial gains. Students are likely to make achievements on the academic front. You will notice a significant improvement in your health issues. Family life will remain pleasant. Some necessary expenses will have to be made. An official trip could be finalized this week.



People with the rising sign of Taurus will be rewarded and honored socially. However, you can remain slow when it comes to completing your work. Employees will get good results even if they don’t work hard. You will progress in expanding your business. Problems will persist in your married life as your spouse will remain dissatisfied with you. There will be chances of an increase in your comfort. Be careful health-wise because an older problem can resurface and bother you. You are likely to stay restless about something throughout the week. The end of the week will bring joy on the monetary front. A new source of income may arise. Students will do extremely well in their endeavors.



Gemini rising sign people will receive full support from their family members. Your financial profile will gain strength. Your luck will remain favorable throughout the week. You will gain prestige in the social sphere. Take care of your health as headaches and eye infections can afflict you and cause you discomfort. It is advisable to refrain from having addictive substances. The week will bring you solid gains and auspicious results on the work front. You can finalize new business deals. Lovers can successfully obtain the blessing of the elders of their family to marry. It will be a productive week for the students. Unnecessary expense may have to be made.



Cancer rising sign people will likely get some kind of good news this week. A conflict or strong disagreement is likely between you and your life partner. Your life partner will make solid gains in the workplace thanks to your auspicious stars. Be wary of conflict with your associates and keep your arrogance contained. Your family life will remain happy. You will be successful in your efforts to make additional monetary gains. Employees will succeed in finding solutions to their problems if they work in this direction. Students must work very hard and let nothing go by trying. Coordinating your intentions and actions with those of your associates will be helpful.



People of the rising sign of Leo will have to do a lot of errands for work during the first days of the week. It will be a hectic week that will require you to work overtime in order to achieve the goals. The middle of the week will bring gains as well as auspicious news. The support of your life partner will prove helpful in achieving your goals. A favorable stroke of luck will allow you to complete some important pending tasks. You will manage to achieve a happy bank balance. Take care of your health because physical exhaustion can cause you discomfort and physical stress. There will be better harmony between family members. Students will hear something encouraging on the academic front. Your expenses will remain higher. It is necessary to be on guard against your enemies and to maintain vigilance over the actions taken by them.



People of the rising sign of Virgo will rejoice at having made an unexpected monetary gain. Avoid trusting someone else to accomplish important tasks. Read the fine print before signing documents. Your friends and colleagues may try to hurt you. Conditions will otherwise remain favorable in the workplace. Politicians will excel in their efforts. Real estate transactions will be finalized according to your terms and conditions. A large expense can suddenly appear in the middle of the week. The trip is probable. A specific task may require running from pillar to pillar. This can be a period of wish fulfillment that will yield immense happiness. Your life partner will support you. The health of your offspring can be a matter of anxiety.



People of the rising sign Libra will achieve auspicious results in their work or business. You will maintain an extremely well-coordinated approach with that of your colleagues and senior officers. You may receive a large amount from an additional source. Lovers are likely to achieve high levels of commitment and understanding. They will find each other’s company reassuring and comforting. You will spend a considerable sum on comfort and pleasure items. This will be a week of wish-fulfillment for students. You will realize gains through financial investments. Take care of your health because colds, coughs and body aches can bother you. The end of the week can bring a sudden travel plan.



People of the rising sign of Scorpio will make solid gains in areas related to money. The week will bring great results in your professional assignments. Politicians will get auspicious results in their efforts. You will discover comfort and material pleasures. Singles under this sign can receive excellent marriage proposals. Students will be successful in their endeavors and achieve academic success. Your relations with your superior officers will remain harmonious and they will do something special for you. Your family life will remain very pleasant and peaceful. You can get an additional source of income. You will earn prestige and honor and gifts are also possible.



People with the Sagittarius rising sign will have to deal with physical discomforts and emotional stress at the start of the week. A favorable stroke of luck will allow you to work on your goals. You may receive arrears from your employer, which will improve your financial situation. Your bond with your life partner will grow stronger. Employees may receive a special favor from their senior officers. Students will have to put in a lot of extra effort and they have to. Make sure your speech doesn’t hurt anyone. Be calm and polite in your approach. Maintain harmony with family members.



People of the rising sign of Capricorn will receive adequate support from their life partner. Your relations may become sour with your business associates, so you must remain calm and behave with caution. Employees will get average results from their efforts. An official trip may need to be undertaken and it will bring good results. A health problem may persist and give you some discomfort. Lovers will enjoy the bliss of intimacy and care in each other’s company. Students will manage to complete their academic projects easily. Politicians may have to deal with some dramatic ups and downs. The weekend can bring auspicious results if you put in the effort as your luck will be in a stronger frame.



People with the Aquarius rising sign may have to deal with a minor disagreement in their marital relationship. Conditions will remain normal on the labor front. This will be an auspicious week for money-related matters. However, you may remain irritable due to increased expenses. There will be errands to be done on the work front. You may have to deal with an excessive workload throughout the week, which will make things hectic for you. Students will get good results from their efforts and perform well in their exams. You need to be careful about your health as problems and ailments may continue to bother you.



Pisces rising sign people are likely to hear positive money news. You will surely notice a spike in profits from trading transactions. Some of the earners under this sign will reach new heights on the job front. Your elders and colleagues will support you adequately. An altercation is possible between you and your offspring. The middle of the week can lead to unnecessary and essential expenses to be made. The students will have to burn the midnight oil. There will be an ethic of peace and harmony in the home. Your interest in religious knowledge may suddenly increase. Take care of your health.

Crestview students to help design fireworks packaging | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 15 Jan 2022 05:20:53 +0000

Select Crestview High School art students will partner with Phantom Fireworks, the nation’s largest consumer fireworks retailer, to name and design packaging for some of their new items launching in July 2022. (Front left ) Ashton Hughes, Madison Davis, Morgen Libb, Amelia Blower, (left to right) Jordan Fronius, Mason Greathouse, Dalton Hart, Kathy Bennett (Silver Apple, Inc. representative), Emily Goerig (high school art teacher) , Jessi Dragoiu (Head of Purchasing and Product Development for Phantom Fireworks) and John Miranda (COO Silver Apple, Inc.). (photo sent)

NEW WATERFORD – At the Crestview School Board meeting on Wednesday, High School Principal Laura Nappi and Board Chair Missy Wellman announced the launch of the new partnership between Crestview art students and Phantom Fireworks.

The students will work with the national company, helping to design packaging for some of their new items that will be sold in their stores starting this summer.

According to information provided by Wellman, Jessi Dragoiu, Purchasing and Product Development Manager for Phantom Fireworks, was recently at school and talked with the students about the remarkable potential this project can bring for future career success.

Wellman said she attended the meeting with Dragoiu and the students and felt there could be no better person to come to the school and connect with the students, who are excited about the project. .

“I was ready to walk through a wall after hearing Dragoiu’s speech”, Superintendent Matthew Manley said of the inspiration provided, adding at the end of this project that some of Crestview’s student artwork will end up on real packaging across the country and the world. “It’s about the most real or authentic learning possible.”

Student designs will have the potential to be part of the marketing of products sold at Phantom Fireworks stores across the country. Wellman said students will work directly with company representatives to learn about the complex process of launching a new product. They’ll study customer demographics, the challenges of selling a product you can’t test before buying, and understanding the legal requirements needed on a package. Students will have the opportunity to tour the facilities and even consider possible internship and employment with the company upon graduation.

Additionally, Phantom Fireworks will provide an opportunity for grade 8 students at Crestview, who are challenged by the company to review a new marketing plan for a product that has not sold well in its stores. Students will develop an understanding of why the product is currently not selling well, considering who they want to sell the item to and how they can change the product to reach that demographic.

Grade 8 students will suggest ways to possibly repackage the item and even change the name of the product.

“Phantom is thrilled to partner with the next generation of creative minds in a community where it all started,” Dragoiu said in a statement provided by Wellman. “We are already passionate about being a major player in this field and it is exciting to work with children. Phantom is a product of this valley and we look forward to tapping into the next generation of creativity here at Crestview,” she said.

Through Silver Apple Inc. partnerships in conjunction with the Columbiana County Educational Services Center, the goal is to help students discover possible career opportunities for their future.

In an additional project, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders are working on a project with Buckeye Credit Union. Manley said the idea was for students to help design a building, find a site for the location, and come up with a proposal to convince the company to move a location to the area.

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]]> Protect young people in youth prisons from COVID-19 Fri, 14 Jan 2022 23:00:00 +0000

I think we can all agree that the past week has been tough for young people in Chicago.

In fact, the past two years — since the pandemic began in March 2020 — have been difficult for our young people. And while we all rightly debate what constitutes a safe learning atmosphere for our children, the young people who are always forgotten in these discussions are those behind bars.

Incarcerated children remain at high risk for exposure and infection from COVID-19 in youth prisons across the state as vaccination rates lag among staff and the prison population.

And while the new Chicago Teachers Union agreement says schools would halt in-person learning if 30% of school staff are absent due to COVID-19, at the same time young people in juvenile prisons are being forced to suffer confinement or solitary confinement if prisons are understaffed.

We need to make tough public health decisions to keep our children and ultimately our communities safe in the midst of a deadly virus. But this consideration must extend to all those affected, including incarcerated youth.

Young people in youth prisons suffer in silence. They are locked up and away from their families during a global pandemic without autonomy for their living environment or the ability to maintain social distance. Incarcerated youth also cannot control when they can be vaccinated or vaccinated, or whether the adult guards they come into close contact with every day are fully vaccinated.

In fact, most Illinois prison staff still haven’t been beefed up as Omicron rolls out across the country and into state prisons. Only 7% of all Illinois Department of Corrections staff have received the COVID-19 reminder.

Young people’s lives are at risk as long as these harmful prisons remain open, and Illinois’ most marginalized communities bear the brunt of youth incarceration.

End the cycle of evil

The neglect, physical and emotional abuse and inadequate educational services to which young people are subjected while incarcerated, leaving them ill-prepared to adapt to life outside the prison system, further compound the trauma of youth prisons.

The State of Illinois must do better and prioritize investing in its young people rather than throwing them into inhuman prisons that stunt their growth and darken their future. We need to reclaim the resources currently being spent on a system we know is not working and support what children need: housing, mental health services and after-school programs.

In my heart, I want a better world for my children than the cruelties of our current system, and I demand change from Governor JB Pritzker, who has the power to end this cycle of evil now.

The atrocities of the youth incarceration system are well documented. Pritzker himself acknowledged the horrors of youth prisons, noting that our criminal justice system as it is too punitive and ineffective to fulfill its purpose: to keep Illinois families safe.

Yet Pritzker continues to push for a “transformation” of the youth justice system rather than a total overhaul. As the state’s top elected official, Pritzker has a responsibility to end the nightmare of youth incarceration by closing prisons and investing in a safe and prosperous future for our young people.

As we are forced to consider the harsh realities of economic hardship, health insecurities and an uncertain future this New Year, there is no reason to keep children locked into a system that inflicts immense trauma. To keep our communities safe and thriving, we need to treat children with care, not incarcerate them. Our elected officials must understand that the lives and futures of children are at risk as long as youth prisons remain open in the state.

Children want to be children and not see their future upset by an unfortunate mistake. Why shouldn’t Pritzker and our entire community help them do just that?

Alicia Brown lives in Evanston. She is a criminal justice lawyer and mother of four who was first incarcerated when she was 22 and pregnant.

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‘Community of Enthusiasts’: Pitt’s Year of Data and Society set for Spring Fri, 14 Jan 2022 05:35:46 +0000

As a political scientist and economist, Brennan Conway said he was excited about an upcoming virtual year of data and society. an event on January 28 census data.

“As a poli-sci, I find redistribution and gerrymandering fascinating, so I am excited about an upcoming event on how census data is used in the redistribution of congressional seats,” Conway, member of the ‘Year of the data and the company committee, said.

Conway, a senior, also said the data isn’t just for STEM-related fields, but “all fields of study.”

“As data and data science become more and more integral to our academic community and the world at large, there has never been a better time to take a step back and think about how we can use these incredible tools to create a positive and lasting social impact, ”said Conway.

the Marshal’s office identifies Pitt’s “The year of” theme for the upcoming school year at the end of each school year. Marshal Ann Cudd announcement last April that the 2021-22 academic year would be the Data and company year, and after a semester of activities, other initiatives are planned for the spring semester.

Mattern, chair of the Year of Data and Society steering committee – which helps plan events related to this year’s theme – said the Year of Data and Society initiative hosts events that explore socially responsible data practices and the societal implications of data and its uses.

In Cudd’s April announcement, she said the Year of Data and Society would build on the work of the university’s Data Science Task Force, which released a report with recommendations on how to advance data science at Pitt, such as a focus on ethics and social impact and accountability in the use of data.

According to Sera Linardi – who was part of DTSF and now on the Year of Data and Society steering committee – the task force recommended creating a community to address the role of data in certain issues.

“One of the main recommendations of the DTSF was to create a community of enthusiasts – a transdisciplinary community of students, faculty and staff inside and outside Pitt who are passionate about an issue and the role of data in solving this problem. “Linardi, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, noted.

Linardi said she started on From grief to action initiative in the summer of 2020, which is a community with over 170 volunteers who focus on racial justice issues.

According to Linardi, the Grief to Action initiative launched two platforms this year. The first was 412Connect, a scavenger hunt for black-owned businesses, The Year of Data and Society Kickoff Event September 8. The group presented the second platform, a website which helps navigate the more than 100 police departments in Allegheny County, in a Conference on the Year of Data and Society November 19.

“The Year of Data and Society theme was a great fit for us to tell a story about how it is possible to nurture a diverse community in Pitt to create digital tools to take practical action that has a direct impact. about race and social justice in our own neighborhood, ”Linardi said.

Mattern, also assistant professor at the Computer Science and Information School and the school principal Sara Fine Institute, said the initiative shed light on the Pitt projects and hosted external speakers last fall with hybrid and virtual modalities.

An event hosted Catherine D’Iganzio, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to speak on his book Data feminism – of which she is a co-author – which explores the biases in the data technologies used on a daily basis. Jonathan Schwabish and Alice Feng, other external fall speakers, also present on how to take a more focused approach to diversity, equity and inclusion in data visualization.

According to Mattern, in the spring semester, the Year of Data and Society steering committee will continue to host events that explore the societal impacts of data and its uses. For example, the an event on census data later this month examines how the data is used to decide the boundaries of legislative constituencies.

Lisa Parker, who sits on the Year of Data and Society’s steering committee and credits committee, said she was excited about upcoming projects that create discussions about ethical and social considerations of the data science.

Laura Levitt of Temple University will present a conference on January 24, discussing art as an opening that allows one to consider the lingering effects of trauma and loss, sickness and carriage. In addition, Emily Maloney will give a reading from his book on February 16, Cost of life, where she describes how personal experiences can provide data for broader social concerns.

“I’m excited about these things with Laura Levitt and Emily Maloney,” Parker said. “They conceptualize data in a way we don’t often think about. “

Mattern said the Year of Data and Society initiative also has a possibility of financing which supports projects and events led by Pitt faculty, students and staff that are related to the theme.

In the fall semester, funding helped fund events such as a Latinx Data Panel, which was part of Latinx Connect 2021 conference. This data panel explored the complexities of the Latinx data and community, challenges regarding the inequitable representation of Latinx data, among other topics.

Mattern said the Steering Committee looks forward to the events of the funding opportunity recipients over the next semester.

“For example, a team is running workshops on learning analytics, with the goal of better understanding the data collected through platforms such as Canvas and how that data can be used responsibly,” said Mattern.

The Steering Committee will host an end of semester celebration which will include a panel of funding opportunity winners discussing the sustainability of their projects. Linardi said she thinks it will be an important conversation because one of the biggest data challenges for social welfare initiatives is sustainability.

“I really look forward to having a conversation about the potential good these projects could create, the challenges of doing so, how the grant is helping, and the issue of sustainability on a larger scale in the future beyond lifetime of the grant, ”Linardi said.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Toys Market Size to Increase by USD 964.09 Million | Market Insights highlights the growth of a collaborative environment in educational institutions as a key driver Thu, 13 Jan 2022 01:30:00 +0000

Supplier Information
The STEM toy market is fragmented and vendors are deploying various organic and inorganic growth strategies to compete in the market. Market sellers should focus more on growth prospects in fast growing segments while maintaining their positions in slow growing segments.

The report analyzes the competitive landscape of the market and offers information about several vendors of the market, including:

  • Elenco Electronics Inc.
  • Hasbro inc.
  • Johnco Productions Pty Ltd.
  • Learning Resources Ltd.
  • LEGO AS System
  • Mattel inc.
  • Melissa & Doug LLC
  • Ravensburger AG
  • Smartivity Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  • Spin Master Corp.

Discover additional highlights on the growth strategies adopted by suppliers and their product offerings, Read a free sample report.

Geographic market analysis
APAC will provide maximum growth opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) toys market during the forecast period. According to our research report, the region will contribute 35% of the global market growth and is expected to dominate the market until 2025.

For students in classrooms and similar learning environments, parents and instructors support context-based learning over traditional exam-based learning. Students of China and Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore flocked to United States and the UK for higher education. As a result, the governments of these countries were prompted to incorporate essential components of Western education to improve the quality of education and infrastructure in APAC during the forecast period.

In addition, countries like APAC, North America, Europe, MEA and South America are expected to become prominent markets for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) toys market during the forecast period.

Learn more about the geographic spread of this market along with the detailed analysis of major regions.

Analysis of key segments
The growth in the market share of science, technology, engineering and math toys by the offline segment will be significant during the forecast period. Specialty stores, department stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets, as well as general retailers that sell STEM toys, make up the offline category, which remains the primary distribution channel.

Globalization has boosted investment in traditional commerce, which has increased the number of specialty game stores offering science and educational toys. Customers with impulse buying habits prefer to buy STEM toys on the offline channel because they can make a quick purchase and take ownership of the products immediately. The shift from traditional exams to a concept-oriented approach has played a major role in the growth of the STEM toys market in 2020 and is expected to grow during the forecast period.

See the FREE sample: to know additional highlights and key points on various market segments and their impact in the years to come.

Main market drivers and trends:
the growth of a collaborative environment in educational institutions is the driving force behind the growth of the STEM toy market. The transition of learning methodologies in educational institutions from traditional exam-based education to a contextual approach is a major contributor to the growth of the market. Teachers and students can link key concepts such as critical thinking, statistics, creativity, and debate with play-based learning and practical examples when STEM toys are used in the classroom. This allows students to align their educational and learning activities with job and industry specific learning. Instead of memorizing by rote, students are encouraged to better understand the material through practical examples and illustrative designs in the classroom.

Another trend driving the STEM market is the introduction of subscription services for STEM toys. In addition to retail services, many internet stores offer STEM toy subscription services. The shift to contextual education has resulted in greater use of STEM toys in the classroom. STEM toy subscription services should make people aware of STEM toys and educational toys. This will provide an opportunity for vendors to expand their customer base during the forecast period.

Download a free sample for highlights on the drivers and market trends affecting the toys for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Marlet.

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Associated reports:

Plant Asset Management (PAM) Market by End User and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

ETC Systems Market by Technology and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

Scope of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) toys market

Cover of the report


Page number


Year of reference


Forecast period


Growth dynamics and CAGR

Accelerate to a 5% CAGR

Market growth 2021-2025

$ 964.09 million

Market structure


Annual growth (%)


Regional analysis

APAC, North America, Europe, MEA and South America

Efficient contribution to the market

APAC at 35%

Main consumer countries

United States, Japan, China, France and Canada

Competitive landscape

Leading companies, competitive strategies, reach of consumer engagement

Profiled companies

Elenco Electronics Inc., Hasbro Inc., Johnco Productions Pty Ltd., Learning Resources Ltd., LEGO System AS, Mattel Inc., Melissa & Doug LLC, Ravensburger AG, Smartivity Labs Pvt. Ltd., and Spin Master Corp.

Market dynamics

Parent Market Analysis, Market Growth Drivers and Obstacles, Analysis of Fast Growing and Slow Growing Segments, Impact of COVID 19 and Future Consumer Dynamics, Analysis of Market Conditions for the Forecast Period,


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About Us:
Technavio is one of the world’s leading technology research and consulting companies. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable information to help companies identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialist analysts, Technavio’s report library includes over 17,000 and more reports, spanning 800 technologies, spanning 50 countries. Their customer base consists of companies of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing customer base relies on Technavio’s comprehensive coverage, in-depth research and actionable market intelligence to identify opportunities in existing markets. and potentials and assess their competitive positions in changing market scenarios.

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Tomato paste may help reduce chronic intestinal inflammation associated with HIV – sciencedaily Wed, 12 Jan 2022 15:03:14 +0000 New research from UCLA in mice suggests that adding a certain type of tomato paste to the diet may reduce the intestinal inflammation associated with HIV. If left untreated, intestinal inflammation can accelerate arterial disease, which in turn can lead to heart attack and stroke.

The findings provide clues as to how the altered intestinal tract affects disease-causing inflammation in people with chronic HIV infection, suggesting that targeting the inflamed intestinal wall may be a new way to prevent disease. systemic inflammation that persists even when antiviral therapy is effective in controlling a person’s HIV.

The study is published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS pathogens.

“Inflammation is an important process that protects the body against infections and invading toxins,” said Dr Theodoros Kelesidis, lead author of the article and associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at the David Geffen School. of Medicine from UCLA. “But in people who are successfully treated for HIV to the point where their viral load is no longer detectable, the continued low-grade inflammation in cells in the gut contributes to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. “

It has been found that people living with HIV suffer from a condition called “leaky gut”, in which products in the bacteria in the gut, such as lipopolysaccharides, travel to other parts of the body through the circulation. blood. These products promote systemic inflammation and can accelerate coronary heart disease, Kelesidis said.

The researchers worked with mice that had been infected with HIV and whose immune systems had been altered to mimic that of humans. The mice were fed a diet containing Tg6F tomato paste, while the rest were fed a normal mouse diet low in fat, cholesterol and calories.

Tg6F comes from a specific type of genetically modified tomato; it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant peptides called apoA-I mimetic peptides, which mimic the main HDL protein, “good cholesterol”.

The researchers looked at proteins called cytokines and chemokines that are known to predict inflammation in the gut and blood, which may bode negative results for people with chronic HIV infection.

They found that mice that received Tg6F had lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in their gut and blood than mice that received the standard diet. In addition, they found that Tg6F prevented increased levels of a protein called ADAM17, which orchestrates inflammatory responses in people with chronic HIV infection. Researchers have confirmed the anti-inflammatory effects of apoA-I mimetics in intestinal biopsies from people living with HIV.

“Targeting the inflamed gut with the peptide that mimics the main HDL protein may be a way to prevent systemic inflammation in people with chronic HIV,” Kelesidis said. “The administration of oral apoA-I mimetics with oral antivirals may be an exciting new therapy for treating inflammation and preventing illness and death due to HIV. “

The authors note in the article that mice cannot fully recreate all aspects of HIV infection in humans. Additionally, intestinal biopsies used to test the effects of apoA-I mimetics do not fully reflect how inflammation works in a living human body.

Study co-authors include Maria Daskou, Dr William Mu, Scott Kitchen, Dr Alan Fogelman, and Srinivasa Reddy, all from UCLA. A complete list of authors is published in the journal.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the UCLA Center for AIDS Research, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the California HIV / AIDS Research Program, and the Campbell Foundation.

Macroom School has the most entries in the BT Young Scientist exhibition Wed, 12 Jan 2022 10:10:00 +0000

Pupils at St Mary’s High School in Macroom were ahead of the pack even before the annual BT Young Scientists and Technology Expo kicked off this week, as their school was confirmed to have the most projects during the final of the prestigious competition. Science teacher Jennifer Butler and colleague Shannen Foley were guiding their students, mostly in the transition year but with an individual third year project, and are thrilled with the school’s twelve projects that are vying for the title of young scientist when it’s announced on Friday. Even though the school tops the rankings with 12 eligible projects, there were even more last year when 14 projects were found to meet the standard. “It’s a sign of the high regard that the competition is being held at the school,” Jennifer said. “All the students in the transition year proposed projects, individually or in groups, and they participated in a presentation of the school. Jennifer, who last year won an Educator of Excellence award at BT Young Scientists, believes the competition gets girls used to what college life would be like at the third level, by giving presentations about their work, being interviewed and evaluated. “There is a very diverse selection of projects in the exhibition this year with entries in the categories social and behavioral, biological and ecological, and chemical and physical,” she said. And while the school has the most projects until the final, the rigorous judging process they must go through to get to this point underscores that it is a matter of quality as well as quantity. Among the various topics studied by the St. Mary’s boffins include the effects on individuals of working from home during the pandemic, the impact on female health of switching to natural deodorant from antiperspirants, and an investigation of how Photo editing apps affect the body image and self-esteem of teenage girls and young adults.

UO Graduate Employees Union Files Complaint Against University Over COVID-19 Policy Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:00:18 +0000

The University of Oregon Graduate Employees Union filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the state Labor Relations Board on Monday, alleging that the university’s new COVID-19 policies violate their contract .

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation says the university’s new policies, announced last week, represent a change in working conditions for graduate employees – something that must be negotiated through negotiation.

The GTFF requested last Wednesday that the OU administration move courses online for two weeks, or until the increase in COVID-19 cases in the campus community “decreases to a reasonable level” .

Last week, the university reported 982 cases of COVID-19 within the campus community, according to its data dashboard. This is up from 154 cases the previous week.

The university implemented new COVID-19 policies on Thursday that stipulate that instructors – including graduate teaching fellows represented by unions – can move their courses online on two conditions. They need the support of their deans or department heads, and their classes need to experience at least 20% student absences linked to COVID-19. Instructors who continue to work in person should record their classroom sessions for absent students.

1, 2019.”/>

University of Oregon Business School December 1, 2019.

Kaylee Domzalski / OPB

“By doing GE [graduate employees] follow the 20% threshold for COVID-related absences and force GEs to register their courses, the University is making direct changes to our working conditions without our consent through negotiations, ”GTFF said in a statement this week-end.

The union encourages its members to exercise their right to refuse to work in a dangerous work environment.

The GTFF has received support for its demands inside and outside the campus community.

Student associates at UO, the university’s student government, posted online last week that they stand in solidarity with the union.

Liz Shuler, UO alumnus and president of the AFL-CIO – the largest federation of unions in the country – tweeted on Friday in support of GTFF.

“It is time for management to honor their request for a temporary distance learning course until conditions are safely restored,” she wrote.

Mel Keller, president of GTFF, says the right to refuse to work in an unsafe work environment is protected by the union’s contract with the university.

“We want to make sure that all our members are aware of this policy and that they have rights under our contract which was negotiated with the university by the GTFF to give them protections if they feel that their place of work is not secure, ”Keller told OPB.

Along with potential contract violations, Keller says the university’s new policy is unclear – particularly the 20% absence rating linked to COVID-19.

Keller said the union had heard “mass confusion around the new policy” from union members and various UO departments.

“We also heard from faculty members and heads of departments, who are equally confused and trying to figure out how to implement this policy at their department level,” she said, saying the university had not provided advice on how to measure the 20% absence rate due to COVID-19.

“There is no explanation why 20% of students have to submit a COVID test, or if it is only by word of mouth, if the students are absent but do not give reasons related to COVID . It is incredibly unclear.

The union says instructors at the university are the ones who take attendance and receive information about absences, so they should have the power to make requests to move classes online regardless of the attendance rate.

The union said in its post that the most responsible decision for the university would be to move online courses and provide N95 or KN95 face masks to in-person employees and students who must remain in person, such as those in environments laboratory.

“OU clearly will not agree to this, and given the health and safety risks of this policy, we believe all educational SGs should request distance education,” GTFF executives wrote.

Keller also said the university’s new policies put unnecessary pressure on individual departments at the school. She argues that it would make more sense for the university to move largely to online learning rather than “having to deal with tons and tons of demands” from individual instructors and graduate students.

GTFF’s Keller said the union had received no response from the UO administration regarding its state complaint on Monday afternoon. The university told OPB on Monday evening that it “had initiated a review of the file.”

University of Maryland and University of Saint Louis receive $ 5.3 million grant from NIH and DOD to study new ways to treat migraine Tue, 11 Jan 2022 06:02:22 +0000

BALTIMORE – The University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) and the University of Saint Louis School of Medicine (SLU) recently received a combined $ 5.3 million from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to study a new way to treat and prevent migraines by “turning off” specific pain receptors.

lr Marcela Romero-Reyes, DDS, PhD and Simon Akerman PhD

Migraine, a complex brain disorder that causes throbbing headaches along with a host of other symptoms including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and mood swings, affects 30 million people in the States United, including children as young as 5 years old.

The team is proposing a new approach – which will target two distinct receptors, the sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 (S1PR1) and the adenosine A3 receptor (A3AR) to deactivate pain signals involved in inflammation. The treatment will be especially helpful for about 50 percent of migraine patients who get little relief from existing medications.

Collaboration brings together Simon Akerman, PhD, assistant research professor and Marcela Romero-Reyes, DDS, PhD, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Neural and Pain Sciences, UMSOD; and Daniela Salvemini, PhD, academic chair SLU Department of pharmacology and physiology.

The grant will allow Akerman and Romero-Reyes to combine their basic science and clinical expertise in migraine and orofacial pain with Salvemini’s extensive experience in pain drug development to pursue a promising new approach for the relief and prevention of migraine pain.

The research is particularly promising because drugs targeting these receptors already exist, including one that is approved by the FDA to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). As part of this study, the team will be able to perform preclinical screening, accelerating the path to possible clinical trials reorienting these compounds against migraine pain.

“Our approach is exciting,” Akerman said, “because it could speed relief for millions of people affected by migraine. “

Romero-Reyes agreed, “The S1PR1 class of drugs that we are testing is already approved by the FDA for MS. This is a huge advantage because the development of the drug itself has already been done, but we are able to reuse these molecules to dissect a completely new mechanism and therapeutic approach in migraine. “

Calling his colleagues at UMSOD “global migraine experts,” said Salvemini, “our collaboration over the years has led to remarkable discoveries which can now be continued with the ultimate goal of translating our findings from the lab to the bedside. patient, with a positive impact on life. many individuals.

About the University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Founded in 1840, the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, the world’s first dental university, offers exceptional educational programs in oral health. As one of six professional schools and an interdisciplinary graduate school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s 71-acre campus, it is part of a thriving academic health center that combines groundbreaking biomedical research and care. exceptional to patients. The school is Maryland’s leading provider of comprehensive and emergency oral health services.

About the Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Founded in 1836, the Faculty of Medicine at Saint Louis University has the distinction of awarding the first medical degree west of the Mississippi River. The school trains physicians and biomedical scientists, conducts medical research and provides health care locally, nationally and internationally. Research at the school seeks new cures and treatments in five key areas: infectious disease, liver disease, cancer, heart / lung disease, and aging and brain disorders.

Criticism of stopping ventilation is it harmful for veterinarians? – News Mon, 10 Jan 2022 21:59:59 +0000

Daniela Castillo

Photo by Lori Fusaro

Southern California practitioner Dr Daniela Castillo is shown with her cat, Valito, whom she adopted from a shelter after suffering a chest limb amputation. Today, she reports, he is faster than his four-legged cats.

I was hesitant to bring up the topic of stopping ventilation – a technique used in crisis situations to mass kill livestock by heatstroke – because I have seen conversations become accusatory and even hostile, resulting in a fracture of the veterinary profession. But this subject is so important that I cannot be silent. Hope we can discuss it and avoid personal attacks by focusing on solutions.

A few facts about me: I graduated from a large production animal breeding university in Mexico and now practice in California. As a Latin American veterinarian, clients have requested to see a white doctor for me. Even professional colleagues have commented to me on how immigrants cause problems and should return to Mexico. My personal experiences have made me sympathetic to animals which are vulnerable to the prejudices of those in power. I see how destructive this dominance and lack of compassion mentality is to our relationships with other humans, other species, and the natural environment.

I realize that I am part of a system that believes that we, as the dominant species, can treat animals – which we know are aware of and feel pain – as units of production instead of unique and sensitive individuals. This belief is evidenced by the issue of stopping ventilation, or VSD, a method of slaughtering animals on farms en masse by shutting off the ventilation system to cause heat stroke and possibly death. VSD alone is generally recognized as inadequate for the task and is therefore usually combined with measures such as adding heat and humidity to accelerate death, a practice known as “stop ventilation plus” or VSD +.

Tolerance of VSD + by some in the profession calls into question not only whether we give adequate priority to animal welfare and consider their suffering when we use them for our benefit, but also whether we prioritize the mental health of animals. colleagues involved in their care and that of workers who are forced to inflict such suffering under veterinary authority.

The VSD + problem came to the fore in 2020 when illnesses and COVID-19 exposures among workers caused closures of slaughterhouses and meat-packing facilities, resulting in a backlog of animals for processing. slaughter. VSD + was used to slaughter large numbers of pigs, both due to financial pressures and because overcrowding would cause serious welfare problems. How many pigs were killed this way is unclear, but a letter from the National Council of Pork Producers suggests there could have been as many as 10 million animals. American Association of Veterinarians Guidelines for depopulating animals: 2019 edition allow the use of VSD + as a last resort. The guidelines classify VSD alone as “not recommended”, but VSD more heat and / or carbon dioxide is “permitted under limited circumstances” for poultry and pigs.

The idea that those in power have the right to exploit the most vulnerable is ingrained in our profession and our society. It also affects our science by influencing whose perspectives are centered on the questions we ask. A recent article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association,A case study of shutting down ventilation with the addition of high temperature and humidity for depopulation of pigs, “describes in detail how 243,016 pigs were killed by VSD + in Iowa between April and June 2020. The authors conclude: “Efficacy exceeded AVMA recommendations for the use of VSD + (> 95% mortality in <1 hour). The results could potentially guide the use of this method for mass depopulation in the event of an outbreak of exotic animal disease or serious market disruption in the future. "

I was delighted to read letters to the editor responding to this article that presented differing opinions. The letters – one from Dr Gwendolen Reyes-Illg and another from Drs. Jim Reynolds, José Peralta and Beth Boynton – politely refute the claim that the data in the article shows that the AVMA guidelines were followed. The correspondents also discuss the pathophysiology of heat stroke and suffering in pigs. They offer possible alternatives and advocate changes and preparations to ensure that VSD + is never used again. Many of us agree.

In a response to the letters (appearing on the second and third pages of this pdf reprinted with permission from JAVMA), the case study authors argue that implementing VSD + “has been an excruciating decision for many. veterinarians involved in the process. “There is no doubt in my mind that deciding how to kill his healthy patients in unprecedented numbers has caused moral anguish for everyone involved. The impact on the mental health of fellow vets must be seen as Crisis One. Health Mental illness resulting from the brutality of our food system should be considered as such a threat as a zoonotic respiratory or gastrointestinal epidemic.

I, too, have suffered from anxiety and depression from living in a disconnected society that needs kindness to fellow human beings and to animals, while struggling to navigate a profession that lacks diversity and inclusion. . So I feel a lot of concern for the livestock vets who, in this case, had to balance their compassion for animals with their role in a system that prioritizes production efficiency and corporate profits.

The case study authors point out that “10% of swine vets thought about suicide and 23% said they needed mental health counseling.” This potential impact on our colleagues alone is reason enough for us to come together to ask the AVMA to reclassify VSD + as a ‘not recommended’ form of depopulation. Renowned animal behaviorist Temple Grandin and others have pointed out that if we prepare now, future use of VSD + is preventable.

Recommendations from Grandin and others in the animal welfare field include ensuring that government and corporate veterinary stocks include equipment for more humane depopulation methods, those that cause unconsciousness. instantaneous, such as bullets, captive bolts and mobile electrocution units; converting slaughterhouses to the production of whole carcasses rather than cuts of meat, which would require significantly fewer workers; and decreasing stocking densities to avoid the rapid emergence of serious animal welfare problems when supply chains are disrupted.

The authors of the study, rather than acknowledge that the emotional distress of swine vets stems from the trauma of supervising the VSD + itself, blame the vets for criticizing the technique. They say: “[W]We need to recognize that peer review can have unintended negative consequences for our colleagues. We need to rally with those involved, starting by acknowledging the stress and negative mental health effects experienced by many vets involved in these events. “

While I agree that we must support our colleagues with compassion, we must not hold back scientific discourse in the process. Open professional dialogue and transparency lead to scientific and ethical advances. I’m afraid that lack of transparency and silence of critical perspectives related to animal agriculture prevent progress and perpetuate systems of oppression in place that only benefits those in power.

The authors suggest that critical letters to the editor are inappropriate, stating that “criticism from friends, family and colleagues has a direct impact on the level of distress experienced by vets involved in difficult decision-making. The angst in this decision-making can be compounded when individuals are judged by those who lack understanding.

Understanding comes from open communication. None of the letter writers judged anyone; they only sought to increase understanding of the problem by critically appraising the study, reminding readers of the pig experience, and suggesting a different path in the future. The idea that professional investigation of published research should not continue for fear of causing more emotional distress is, intentionally or unintentionally, a limit to scientific progress.

I am a member of the founding committee of Vets against stopping ventilation and also part of Our Honor, a non-profit organization that hopes to spread compassion within our profession. October 26, Our Honor sent a letter to the AVMA and its Animal Depopulation Expert Group, which examines the science and data on depopulation methods, including VSD +. So far, we have not received a response. That’s why we published it as an open letter, to which other veterinarians and animal professionals have signed up. Please log in if you see fit.

Our profession should help livestock veterinarians to raise awareness of the impacts of this industry on mental health as well as the implications for animal welfare. We know that animals have rich emotional lives and that humans have a duty to protect conscious individuals at our mercy, especially since we are responsible for their creation. I hope our profession finds the courage and strength to speak out for the major changes that are needed in our food production systems.

Our profession’s reputation as caring animal advocates is on the line.

About the Author: Daniela Castillo was born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico. She graduated from her class in 2008 with a diploma in veterinary medicine from the Universidad Veracruzana. After completing a one-year internship at a government-funded zoo in Veracruz City, Dr Castillo earned a Masters in Wildlife Conservation at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. In 2011, she began volunteering at the St. Francis Wildlife Association, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Quincy, Florida, eventually becoming a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator and Director of the organization. In 2016, Dr. Castillo became licensed to practice in California. Currently, she works as a shelter veterinarian for several non-profit organizations and has a mobile practice.

VIN News Service commentaries are opinion pieces presenting ideas, personal experiences and / or perspectives on current issues by members of the veterinary community. To submit a comment for consideration, send an email to